Android Apps

Android is the world’s most popular mobile OS and it is no surprise that the Google Play store hosts more applications than any other leading appstore. As a business development firm, we offer you the opportunity to create high end  mobile apps to capture the large segment of Android OS based mobile phone users. Skilled in programming languages like Java, Kotlin, C/C++, C#, Ionic and Flutter, we offer android app development solutions for your unique and special needs.

Our Android Apps Offer
  • Simplicity in design and clarity in content.
  • Compliance with GDPR and ECPA standards.
  • Use of Machine Learning and AI.
  • Focus on business- driven solutions.
  • Integration of AR for choosing products & services.

iOS Apps

iPhone users are widely touted as customers who don’t compromise on secure and high end products and services. Develop an iOS based application to grab the attention of this segment of premium users to your brand’s products and services. We are seasoned developers in creating simple and intuitive apps for iPhone and iPad devices. We regard ease of use as a central feature of iOS. Our iOS apps can be accessed by a swipe, word or even  a glance. We constantly improve and polish our apps with updates.

Create An iOS App With Us
  • Proficient in Swift, Objective- C, Xcode and iOS SDK
  • Upgrade previous versions to latest iOS compatibility.
  • Simple yet innovative UI for the best experience.
  • Design slender screen overlays for notifications.
  • Have search option for contents within the app.

Cross Platform Apps

Developing mobile apps that can be used on multiple mobile platforms is desirable to companies and businesses who want to offer their products and services across the spectrum of various mobile phone platforms. Because of the growing trend of BYOD, it has become necessary for businesses to develop their corporate mobile apps in cross platform.

Get The Best Of All Worlds
  • Single and reusable codebase for multiple platforms
  • Separate platform- appropriate notification mechanisms
  • With hardware- specific features and OS- specific controls
  • Scripted in common languages CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  • Developed in PhoneGap, Ionic, Onsen UI, Visual Studio and Mobiscroll

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