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Branding Services Dubai

Building a brand identity that is unique to your business helps the right customers get attracted to your products and services.

Our team of skilled in- house brand strategists make sure to understand your business and then create a brand positioning campaign that fits your business needs.

  • + Logo Design
  • + Content Strategy
  • + packing design
  • + Brand Naming
  • + Brochure Design
Branding Services Dubai
Branding Services Dubai


Logo Design

Our company specializes in making customized and unique logo designs created by top logo designers in the industry. We create premium logos that help your brand attract the attention of more customers.

Brand Naming

We create brand names which are unique, attractive and represent your brand in the world market. True to the nature of your business, your brand names should be catchy yet reflect what your company does.

Content Strategy

Our focus remains in developing a successful content strategy to attract and engage the target audience for the effective growth of your business. We help organizations meet their business goals with the best user-friendly content.

Brochure Design

We offer professional brochure design services to types of startups and established businesses. We design creative and innovative brochures that make a long lasting impression on the customers.

We strategically position your brand as a top-tier organization within your industry.

We strategically position your brand as a top-tier organization within your industry.

Building a Brand is one of the pre-requisites to creating a favorable image of any Company. Blending together the elements of Ethos (ethical nature) Pathos (create a connect) and Kronos (in a timely manner) for every brand building activity, Lamp Media Tech has been successfully in developing the ultimate Brand building outcome for its customers. Through a series of collaborative interactions Lamp Media Tech has established itself as the ‘go-to’ Ad Agency in Dubai, that works together with its customers to build, create and sustain their respective brand identity through innovative and creative techniques. A combination of strategies through above-the-line, below-the-line and online media defines the modality through which Lamp Media Tech aims at creating a Brand Identity for its customers, through a 360 degree approach.

Today Advertising trends have changed drastically. By positioning itself as a comprehensive Online Advertising agency in Dubai, Lampmedia Tech collaborates with its customers to create targeted digital advertising strategies to optimize the messaging to the relevant target audience.

As an established Advertising Company in Dubai, Lamp Media Tech understands the importance of Online presence through Web Designing in Dubai, Social Media Marketing and SEO. The company also specializes in the following areas

  • Brand Identity – Logo Design, Brand Image, Brand Positioning and Corporate Identity guidelines
  • Below-the-line Advertising – Brand Presentations, Videos, Brochures, Stationery and Collateral, Printed Newsletters, Magazines & Content, Print Management.
  • Above-the-line Advertising – Website Development & Landing page, Print Media Management, Ad development, Visual Sinages (both Indoor & Outdoor), Television and RadioFM Media management.
  • Online Communication Strategy - Digital Ads, Digital Newsletters, Social Media Strategy, SEO
  • Visual Media – Concept and Storyboard production, graphic design, videography & photography, Image re-touching & 3D Animation.


Marketing Collateral Design Dubai 

To support the Advertising and Digital Marketing efforts, Lamp Media Tech Dubai understands the importance of Marketing Collaterals in building a strong brand. The company is equipped with professionals who understands the need for recall value and, the importance that collaterals play in engaging and re-enforcing messaging. Marketing collaterals sustain the imaging and brand building activities of any company. Creating relevant and powerful content is a pre-requisite to creating the right image as well as driving traffic to the online ecosystem. With 11 years of relevant experience, Lamp Media Tech is best positioned to help each of its customers to attain optimum reach and to the right target audience. The list of support services include;

  • Brochure design
  • Flyer design
  • Leaflet & Pamphlet design
  • Business and Digital Presentation
  • Branding & story telling
  • Social media Content & Management
  • Video design and telecasting services
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Product making for friendly users

Brand positioning is the set of branding strategies that are provided by a service provider to make your brand stand out in the crowd. There are strategies which aim to attract new customers to your brand and retain the existing ones.

Our company is focused on providing top quality branding services to our clients which aim at enhancing the appeal of their brand in the market. Our best services include brand naming, logo design, creating content strategy and brochure design.

Upon taking a project, we make sure to have a meaningful consultation session with our clients to understand the needs and requirements of their brand. We study their competition, do a thorough market research and then develop brand strategies that suit your business needs.

LM Tech has been recognised as a world class web development agency making its mark as one of the best brand positioning service providers in the industry for the past 14 years. We provide the highest standard services that have helped brands make their name on a global scale.

All our prices differ from service to service and our brand positioning service’s pricing depends upon whether you avail the entire package or a single service.

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