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Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

L M Tech builds high-performance web apps using powerful web application frameworks that support the design & development of dynamic web applications which can take your business to greater heights.
  • +  Android App Development
  • + iOS(iPhone/iPad) Development
  • + Hybrid App Development
  • + Native App Development
Mobile App Development Company in Dubai
Mobile App Development Company in Dubai


Easily Customizable

One of the best features of web applications is that most of them are built using HTML & CSS and can be easily customized as per your requirements. They are also easy to manage as compared to native apps.

Low Operating Cost

A web application has various added benefits such as easy device updates, no unnecessary hardware purchases that owes to the low operating & maintenance cost of these applications.

Cross-platform Flexibility

Owing to their cross-platform adaptability, web applications run smoothly across all the operating systems. The responsive web apps are programmed to function effectively across iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

High-performance Apps

Web applications are faster and high-performance as compared to the conventional native apps. Web application is considered to be a better choice for brands looking to accelerate their business growth.

Best Mobile App Developers in Dubai

Best Mobile App Developers in Dubai

When the digital era changed the way we did business, the mobile phones put our entire world in the palm of our hands. Today the mobile phones are an extension of our arms. The mobile device today gives us the opportunity to pay bills, interact with people and do business with a mere touch of the finger with easy access to information that enables us to taken instant decision with a touch of a button. This heralds the advent of Mobile App Development to ease the transactions that one has to deal with in life.

Lamp Media Tech, one of the top Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, UAE creates mobile apps which are compatible with most popular platforms such as android and iOS. Lamp Media Tech has developed and implemented many Apps for the various business verticals in Dubai and globally.

For any Company that need to embark on App Development for their business needs have to first understand and answer the following questions

  • Why app development is important for their respective business?
  • What are the services that are required to be provided under app development?
  • What is are the USP and services makes us different?

Importance of App Development

  • Mobile apps are more popular and hence will engage customers to easily connect with them.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Easy to collect customer data to devise marketing strategies.
  • Easy to engage in promotional activities to enable better business outputs.

Services provided by Lamp Media Tech

  • Highly skilled IOS app developers with proven technology know-how & guaranteed results
  • Easily downloadable App design and user interfaces on their ipad & iphones.
  • Apps are built using Mac technologies namely cocoa and interface builder
  • Html5 and css3 compatible designs are adopted

Anroid App Development

  • Highly skilled workforce of experts are constantly updated about android tools and have successfully delivered on quality.
  • The satifies client-base include android sdk, architecture tools- http, soap, ipc etc,
  • Programming tools-net beans, eclipse
  • GPS, media, accelerometer, compass etc

Unique Selling Proposition offered by Lamp Media Tech

  • Rich features & seamless user interface
  • Pixel perfect interactive designs
  • Absolutely nil lags and minimal manoeuvring
  • Latest technologies with excellent proficiencies

Services includes the following key features:-

  • Application & widget development
  • Mobile operating system, consulting and customisations
  • Maintenance and technical support
  • Quality analysis and testing
  • Migration or porting to multiple platforms

Through the above core competencies Lamp Media Tech Dubai has been established as the preferred and best App Development company in Dubai, to be associated with. Our customer testimonials define the status and our nature of interactions with the customers who have scaled great heights and become market leaders in their respective verticals.

Lamp Media Tech has a list of growing mobile application development companies in Dubai UAE. They range from Home-grown companies to startups & Enterprise level projects. Its time to engage with experienced app developers in Dubai, UAE. Checkout Now!


Software has changed the methodology of how businesses are executed today. Every organization today depends on specific software to deliver on business processes. Today software has developed the functionality to enable businesses to not just function but also be scalable. Collecting data, managing data and analysis of data today is at the core of any business. They rely on this specific data to build their business strategies. Its only through specific software that this data can be collected and analyzed and hence software development becomes an integral part of the Company’s existence.

With Lamp Media Tech as your trusted partner you can be rest assured that they have built the in-house expertise to tailor-make, customize and develop software that is specific for any business. In the past 12 years Lamp Media Tech has been instrumental in developing and deploying many an in-house developed software to suit customer needs, across every vertical.

CRM Based Website

Every business today has no choice but to be customer oriented. CRM is the abbreviated form for Customer Relations Management. An increasingly today it is important to build and sustain strong customer relationships. Understanding the customer need becomes key in any scenario today. A software product that allows for automated collection and processing of various data which is delivered through the company website, is imperative to the Business. We live in a market where only customer-centric businesses can succeed today.

A CRM Based Website today can

  • Engage with existing customer
  • Create and Build a constant steam of Lead Generation through identifying prospective customers
  • Understand the pain-points and needs of existing and prospective customer base
  • Build a 360 degree approach to Sales, Marketing and Customer-support strategies
  • Increase your ROI

Lamp Media Tech has the capability of designing and integrating CRM based websites for any business processes. Lamp Media Tech understand the importance of collecting the information submitted by customers via a company website. To this extent they are proficient to guide and advice any customer on the type of CRM required for their respective business. Lamp Media Tech will there after optimize, develop, deploy and manage the customer information through efficient CRM based websites.

As one of the best web design companies in Dubai, Lamp Media Tech will assist you with the CRM integration of your website to create a robust and powerful tool to help one better manage the customer base. Well managed data will result in incremental business for every Corporate. A CRM based website is imperative to data collection from various prospective and current customer interactions.

AI & VR Development

A growing trend between Mobile computing and business application companies is the usage of Augmented and Virtual reality. It an enhanced version of the real physical world that is achieved through the use of digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli delivered via technology. Augmented Reality takes into account a real world setting and then layers the technological aspect on it. The developers at Lamp Media Tech are through bred professionals when it comes to creating digital experiences that are delivered on devices taking into account the current environment. They have developed a number of Virtual Reality experiences to many customers over the last 8 years.

Artificial Intelligence is the buzz word in this era. Automating business process that in-turn builds efficiencies and thus creating a greater ROI, has today become a norm. Every business process seems to be going through the simplification phase with the advent of Artificial Intelligence.

At Lamp Media Tech we adapt and help our customers adapt to the ever-changing needs of the demanding business environments. Building, creating and deploying artificially intelligent software is part of the repertoire of Lamp Media Tech. AI applications include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision. All these aspects are taken into consideration while designing a custom-made AI software by Lamp Media Tech for its customers. Integrating and implementing AI algorithms and logic into the deliverables of an IT project, in a time-bound manner is the value addition one can expect by being associated with Lamp Media Tech for AI Development.


Business process automation is another aspect of the digital space that is gaining ground. With the advent of Automations, business have been able to respond faster to the ever-evolving market trends, by automating that time to respond, thus resulting in increase of ROI. Automated testing is the alternate route taken in place of doing the same things after each minor update.

By being associated with Lamp Media Tech you will be experience the art of creative process by which the developers will assist you with optimally automating your business process. They will find a programming language close to your domain, identify a preferable automation tool, adopt the right testing methodology that will result in better performance and scalability of the customer website. The QA team at Lamp Media Tech will assist in creating and take advantage of existing automation tools that help automate the tests and compare the results with the expected behavior.

Mobile App Development Dubai

Product making for friendly users

App testing involves identifying and fixing bugs, ensuring functionality, and assessing performance, security, and usability. Thorough testing is crucial to providing a reliable and user-friendly app.

The choice depends on your target audience, budget, and business goals. Consider factors like market share, user demographics, and device fragmentation when making this decision.

  • For iOS apps: Swift and Objective-C.
  • For Android apps: Java and Kotlin.
  • For cross-platform apps: JavaScript (with frameworks like React Native, Flutter), C# (with Xamarin), and others.

The major mobile app platforms are:

  • iOS: Developed by Apple for iPhone and iPad.
  • Android: Developed by Google and used by various manufacturers for Android devices.

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