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Native/Hybrid App Development Services In Dubai

A native app is a mobile application built specifically for a particular mobile operating system (OS) using the platform's native programming languages and tools. For example, for iOS, you'd use Swift or Objective-C, and for Android, you'd use Java or Kotlin.

A hybrid app is a mobile application that combines web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) with a native wrapper or container. It runs within a WebView component, essentially a web browser embedded in a native app shell.

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Native/Hybrid App Development Services In Dubai
Native/Hybrid App Development Services In Dubai


Development Complexity

Hybrid apps are often quicker and more cost-effective to develop than native apps because you can use a single codebase for multiple platforms.

User Experience

The user experience of hybrid apps can vary, as they may not fully adhere to platform-specific design guidelines. However, frameworks like React Native and Flutter have improved this aspect.

Access to Device Features

Native apps have full access to device features and APIs, allowing them to utilize hardware like cameras, GPS, sensors, and push notifications seamlessly.


Native apps are known for their high performance and responsiveness because they are optimized for the specific device and operating system they run on.

Native/Hybrid App Development

Native/Hybrid App Development

Native App Development

React Native is an open-source framework that has revolutionized the market of app development. It is a platform that provides cross-platform app development in a short period of time. With the combination of JavaScript and native app development skills, you can create premium quality hybrid apps using React Native. React Native gives you the opportunity to build apps that provide the feel of a native app while developing hybrid apps. Applications that are developed using React Native are growing with the speed of light and are developed for several platforms like android, iOS, windows, web and much more.

Using the tools of React Native, we have the vision to create best applications for our clients that have great design and work effectively on all the platforms. Being the leading mobile app development company in Dubai, we put our skilled services into building apps that provide seamless user experience to customers. Whether you want to make changes to your existing app projects or you want to start building an app from scratch, React Native gives you an edge over your competitors in developing user friendly mobile apps.

Using React Native for development of cross platform apps is economical and saves time. The same code is used to create apps that work effectively on both the platforms. Reusing the same code to develop apps on different platforms is a distinct feature that makes React Native stand out in the mobile app developing domain. This makes the development of apps quite easy. Using React Native, you too can create top notch applications that are cost-effective and super productive!

Hybrid App Development

In this technology savvy generation, with the right knowledge and tools one can build fully functional apps that work best either on a mobile, web or both. We provide best custom web application development in Dubai and help you meet your app goals! There are apps that are designed for a particular mobile operating system (android, iOS), such applications are known as native apps. Web applications are designed for the sole purpose of working on a web browser. There is a third category of apps that are developed which can be operated on both mobile and web and are called hybrid apps.

Native apps are the most popular form of applications that involves building apps for a particular operating system which means an app built for Android won’t work on another operating system like iOS. These apps are written in the specific programming language that will be accepted by the operating system. This feature of developing the app differently for different platforms not just gives exclusivity to the app but also improves its functionality. Since a native app is optimized for a particular platform, it provides the most efficient user experience to customers! These apps work faster and are highly responsive and are guaranteed to amplify satisfaction of the client.

We provide you the best native apps development services that will elevate the security and digital growth of your brand. We provide premium services that include 24/7 technical assistance even after completion of an app development project. Our company provides development of all forms of native apps that suit the interest of your company.

Native/Hybrid Development Dubai

Product making for friendly users

Native apps are typically platform-specific and not cross-platform. However, some technologies, like Kotlin Multiplatform and Flutter, aim to bridge this gap by allowing code sharing across platforms.

  • High performance: Native apps are optimized for the device and provide the best performance.
  • Full access to device features: Native apps can utilize all device features and APIs.
  • Superior user experience: Native apps can provide a native look and feel, leading to a better user experience.

Popular frameworks for hybrid app development include Apache Cordova, Ionic, React Native, and Xamarin.

  • Cross-platform development: Write code once and deploy it on multiple platforms.
  • Faster development: Speed up development time and reduce costs.
  • Easier maintenance: Maintain a single codebase for all platforms.
  • Access to web developers: Leverage web development skills for mobile app development.

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